freelance illustrator & streamer
con | she/her | isfp | eng

commissions status: open
commissions info & examples on VGEN

contact 💌 twirlico(@)

background by piko (@kewpiko)

hi, i'm twirl! i'm a full-time freelance illustrator and streamer on twitch. i've been drawing digitally and streaming since 2011.i usually stream art but i've also been playing a variety of games lately too. if you'd like to know more, please check out my faq page!

🌻 frequently asked questions 💖

retrospring if you have more questions!! | last updated oct 2023

art & stream (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

✿ tools?
huion kamvas 16 plus (4k)
ipad pro 11 inch 2018 model
clip studio paint ex
procreate on ipad
・amazon gear page: stream/art stuff i use
✿ how long have you been drawing/streaming?
・i started digital art and streaming in 2011, on and off
✿ can i use your art?
as long as it isn't a commission, you may use for personal use only.
Do not
personal use: reposting with credit/source/link , using as profile photo/icon , use as reference for drawing my original characters
don't: edit my art, remove the watermark, sell my art in merch, use in AI and redistribute or post anywhere without a link or credit back to my social media. all rights reserved (c) twirlico
✿ what's your stream schedule?
current schedule: monday afternoons (CST)
all other days are optional, guerilla streams pretty much 😅
・get notified via discord / twitter with stream pings 🔔
✿ credits: art & stream assets
✿ what brush do you use?
・csp default brushes (darker pencil & design pencil)
redjuice999 brushes
・procreate - round brush & jingsketch's sketch round brush
✿ do you do commissions?
・commissions status & info can be found here:
✿ do you do free requests?
・you may redeem a doodle in my twitch streams with channel points
✿ did you go to art school?
・yes, my major in university was art with a minor in art history.
・most of my courses focused on graphic design rather than illustration though, and i have graduated in the summer of 2018. i did not have art classes prior to university
✿ pc specs?
Case: NZXT H510
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME X570-P ATX
RAM: 32GB 3200MHz
Video Card: GeForce RTX 3070
Power Supply: 750 Watts
microphone: rode procaster
mixer: yamaha mg10xu
keyboard: keychron k8
mouse: Logitech G305 in white
・amazon gear page: stream/art stuff i use

♡ more twirl history ~2010 - twirlyrolls (username) was made to play as aran on maplestory!
2011 - my digital art journey begins :^)
2014 - twirlyrolls alias is now social media handle
2018 - twirlyrolls name change to twirlyful (to match my non-art account handle). i also eventually combined all my pink haired oc's into just one oc as well lol. just twirl now!!
2021 - twirlyful name changed to twirlico! it reads like calico! it is a mix of twirly (my past online alias' twirlyrolls & twirlyful) and con (my name).
2021 (oct) - twirl on twitch :)
thanks for reading ^^^

♡ Art (c) twirlico
Please do NOT steal, re-upload, edit, render, trace, copy or use without my permission.

♡ credits for art & stream things

🎨twirl (@twirlico)
・ emotes, banner (offline, header), overlays, panels, TITS items, stream avatars, twirliroll model (art & rig) ✨

🎨 樱井檬 (@sakurai_mon)
・ I'm using a free customizable black and white model by sakurai_mon on Twitter! | check out the model here:

🎨 jp (@nebokeru)
・ scufftoober model, (art & rig, the lego looking thing)

🎨 piko (@kewpiko)
・ carrd background illustration <3

🎨 seol 🌾 (@teacuppity)
・ sub goal bar
🎨 chroneco (@chrone_co)
・ chat widgets (comfy and pop themes)
🎨 Jack 🐢(@melonturtle)
・ chat widgets
🎨 nani (@sayonanii)
・ chat widgets, sub goal wheel/lists

🎨 bib (@kapebeansies)
・ twirliroll cakeroll gif (on stream)
🎨 BB (@bb_butterbean)
・ snom & popplio wiggle emotes

🦾 zanny (@zannyuwu)
・ twirlhypee, twirlblankies animated emotes
🦾 davyd (@davydedu07)
・ twirlhypee, twirlpet animated emotes

🎶 loafmark
・ gift sub jingle!!
🎼 tofiemusic
・ alert sounds
・ klock on stream

💻 softwares and (streaming software) ・ vtube studio (live2d model) ・ veadotube (png & giftuber) ・ stream avatars ・ TITS (throwing system) ・ clip studio paint ex & (drawing software) ・ procreate (drawing app on ipad) ・ sound alerts (sound redeems) ・ streamelements ( + chat bot) ・