freelance artist & streamer

commission status: closed

Please review this site & my terms of service completely before inquiry.

🎨 Twitch Emotes・$40 USD each

・ 112x112, 56x56, 28x28 pixels at 300dpi for twitch
・ transparent bg, uploadable preview version in a .zip file.
・ If the emotes are used outside of twitch like on Youtube chat, please specify as there may be different size requirements for different platforms.

🎨 simple Chibi・$60 USD each

・ simple outfits like sweaters, dresses, etc. nothing too detailed
・ simple bg, transparent bg and watermarked
・ Small objects like a doll or item is inclusive
・ Size approx 1200px on longest side

🎨 Chibi (painted style)・$80 USD each

・new painted style
・ Sent with a simple bg, transparent bg and watermarked upload version
・ Small objects like a doll or item is inclusive
- Size approx 1200px on longest side

🎨 headshot・$80 USD each

・ simple bg, transparent bg & watermarked
・ Size approx 1200px on longest side

🌻 about & frequently asked questions 💖

about me (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Helloo, I'm twirl! I'm full-time freelance illustrator and streamer on twitch! i lmostly enjoy drawing chibis and painting my original characters. 👩🎨 i also like to play games like fortnite, tetris, acnh and more! :^)

art & stream (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

✿ tools?
・huion kamvas 16 plus (4k)
・ipad pro 11 inch
・clip studio paint ex
✿ how long have you been drawing?
・i started digital art in 2011!
✿ what brush do you use?
・csp default brushes (design pencil)
redjuice999 brushes
・procreate - round brush & jingsketch's sketch round brush
✿ do you do commissions?
・commissions status & info can be found here:
✿ do you do free requests?
・you may request a small drawing through the channel point system in my twitch chat
✿ did you go to art school?
・yes, my major in university was art with a minor in art history.
・most of my courses focused on graphic design rather than illustration though, and i have graduated in the summer of 2018. i did not have art classes prior to university
✿ pc specs?
Case: NZXT H510
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME X570-P ATX
RAM: 32GB 3200MHz
Video Card: GeForce RTX 3070
Power Supply: 750 Watts
microphone: rode procaster
mixer: yamaha mg10xu
keyboard: keychron k8
mouse: Logitech G305 in white
・amazon gear page: stream/art stuff i use

twirl’s commission process & tos

🌱 General Commission Process

・Client reviews TOS and submits form when form/commissions are open.
・Form is reviewed and if it is accepted, an email and invoice will be sent to the provided email.
・Once invoice is paid in full, you'll be moved to my commission queue and work will start once I reach you in the queue.
・I will provide a minimum of one update to ensure that I am capturing what you ordered. We can discuss changes and adjustments from there.
・Once your commission is complete, it'll be sent to your provided email.

🌱twirlico's terms of service

🌱 Please read this thoroughly before submitting your form. Upon payment, you will be accepting my terms of service.🌱 General Terms
・I will not illustrate in another artist's style.
・I will not illustrate NSFW artwork, heavily armored characters, heavy mech/robots/non-humanoid characters and graphic/gore themes.
・I reserve the right to decline or request removal of any commission that I see fit or not in compliance with my terms.
・Do NOT trace, vector, make a base of, copy and don't claim the commissioned artwork as their own. No NFTs.
🌱 Payment
・All prices and payments are in USD.
・I accept full upfront payments through STRIPE invoicing. NO PayPal, cashapp, venmo, Ko-fi, stream donations, etc.
・Payments must be made in FULL before commission work is started. Please be sure to have all the required funds for your commission or your request will be declined.
・Your commission request will be dropped/cancelled if you do not respond to me within 7 business days or your invoice is not paid by the due date.
🌱 Adjustments and Changes
・I will be sending sketches for you to approve/adjust/change. Adjustments and changes are allowed while I am in the process of working on your commission. Max of 5 free revisions of sketches (not including linework + coloring).
・I will NOT continue unless they are approved, delivery date may also vary depending on time taken for adjustments/changes/approvals.
・Once the maximum number of revisions have been hit, you will have to choose one of the revisions to move forward with. If you are unhappy with the revisions you will be partially refunded. The amount refunded will be dependent on how much progress had been made.
・Once your commission is finalized, completed and delivered to the client, only small changes are allowed to be made. Such as small coloring or marking mistakes.
・Any large adjustments/changes, such as changing the pose, outfit or anything that will make me have to redraw completely, after the commission is finalized will come with an extra charge.
🌱 Delivery
・Depending on the workload, the date of delivery for your commission may vary. You may view my queue here:
・It is the client's responsibility to save the artwork. I can still look for it, but I do not tend to keep all my files on hand and they will most likely be archived into an external hard drive. Alternatively, if you’re looking for your commission file, it should still be attached to the delivery email, so check in your email if it’s still there!
🌱 Copyright and Usage
・I, the artist, own all the full rights to the artwork(s).
・Commissioners can use the artwork for personal use only.
・Commissions are not for commercial use, unless specified otherwise.
・Commercial price example & breakdown can be found below in the next section.
・Do not claim the credit for the creation of the artwork.
・Do not remove my signature/watermarks. There will also be an upload-able watermarked version provided!
・Please provide proper credit when using my artwork: @twirlico ( or
🌱 Dropped/Cancelled Commissions
・If your submission was denied, your commission request will be dropped & cancelled from my pending queue and no invoice will be sent.
・If there is no response after 7 business days and/or the sent invoice was not paid by the applied due date, your commission will also be dropped & cancelled.
・In the event that your commission was dropped & cancelled (reasons may vary) and you would still like to commission me, you may submit another form.
・If you would like to be removed from the pending queue/waitlist, please let me know.
🌱 Cancellations and Refunds
・I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission if I will not be able to work on it.
・If either party decides to cancel the commission and I have NOT started on your commission, you may receive a full refund.
・If either party decides to cancel the commission and I HAVE started on your commission, your refund will be dependent on how much progress has been made.
・Payment is non-refundable when the commission is completed and delivered.
・If you file a charge-back against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted. If you redistribute the commissioned works without paying the release/commercial fees, I reserve the right to decline future commissions.

🌱 Commercial Use Price Example/Breakdown

🌱 Non-commercial Uses
PFP pictures/headers, showing it on stream (not using it as a stream/website/store asset), art for your own personal collection, no monetary gain uses such as merch, emotes, etc.
🌱 Commercial (Limited)
2x price option commercial use when the artwork is NOT the bulk of the product (promotional material, social media artwork, business cards, giftuber, YT/Twitch banners/screens, fliers, etc.)
$40 B/W sketch, x2 commercial fee= $80 commercial fee
$40 for the sketch + $80 commercial fee = total of $120 USD
🌱 Commercial (Full)
3x price option commercial use when the artwork is the bulk of the product and you're reproducing or selling it (postcards, charms, shirts, merchandise, etc.)
$40 B/W sketch, x3 commercial fee= $240 commercial fee
$40 for the sketch + $240 commercial fee = total of $320 USD

twirlmas 2022!!

It’s time for Twirlmas 2022!! twirlmas is an annual holiday community collaboration hosted by twirl!!Let's all decorate the tree this year with some ornaments and gifts~ As always, you can create your own or you can use the provided template below! You do not need to draw to participate either, you can use a photo of your pet or something that you've enjoyed this year as well ^^ And if anyone would like to go an extra mile and decorate around the tree with a gift or snowman, etc. feel free to do so too!RULES
・ can use a pet photo, patterns, misc.
・ if using gifted or commissioned artwork, please credit the original artist
・ 1 Submissions MINIMUM
・ 2 Submissions MAX per person
・ .PNG or .JPEG
・ A .png file with a transparent background is most preferred!!
・ If you send in an image with a background, I'll be cropping it out. So no worries if you can't save as a .png file or need to take a photo of your drawing. I may also edit the photos if it is taken in a dimly lit environment.
・ Provide your username/nickname with your submission. I'll be using this info for the catalog/submissions display!!
・ Depending on submission volume and unforeseen things, I want to give myself a few days to finalize things before sharing on DECEMBER 25TH!

some past twirlmas events!!

twirlicollab on hiatus!

twirlicollab is a community collaboration project that twirli hosts for different seasons and holidays that anyone can join in on! :^)

♡ more twirl history ~2010 - twirlyrolls (username) was made to play as aran on maplestory!
2011 - my digital art journey begins :)
2014 - twirlyrolls alias is now social media handle
2018 - twirlyrolls name change to twirlyful (to match my non-art account handle). i also eventually combined all my pink haired oc's into just one oc as well lol. just twirl now!!
2021 - twirlyful name changed to twirlico! it reads like calico! it is a mix of twirly (my past online alias' twirlyrolls & twirlyful) and con (my name).
2021 (oct) - twirl on twitch :)
thanks for reading ^^

♡ Art (c) twirlico
Please do NOT steal, re-upload, edit, render, trace, copy or use without my permission.

goals, milestones & rewards

👾 monthly twitch subbies
goals & rewards

🔹 !10 - every 10 subbies, i do a little doodle giveaway!! i draw little twirli, kitty or dino rolls 😊 maybe there'll be more animal forms in the future :)🔹 !100 - everyone 100 subbies, i'll do a special stream!! it can be a doodle request stream, karaoke, art/merch giveaways, viewer games, or any other fun ideas y'all might have. 🎉

ko-fi goal ☕

i'm currently saving for my vtuber model and all things surrounding that - which includes things like artworks, rigging, and other assets!🔹 every 25% giveaway for a simple chibi
🔹 100% - giveaways for colored headshot sketches
👾 all giveaways will be hosted on - tysm for supporting me, my art and stream! 💗*note: shop orders are not counted towards the goal bar as you are getting shop items in return!

milestones 🎉

🔹 6k follows on twitter - art/merch giveaway 😊🔹 20k follows on twitch - i'll do a 10-hour celebration stream!! we can play games like jackbox, fortnite, word bomb, dst or any other fun game suggestions y'all might have. 🥳 & i draw a little 20k doodle to share :)


We reached many goals so look foward for some fun upcoming event streams!! 🎉 you can also check below to see what we've unlocked ^^ tysm for all the support towards my first donothon <3

twirl's 12-hour partnerversary & birthday stream is on May 20, 2022 @ 9AM - 9PM CDT!!my 1 year twitch partnerversary was on may 3rd and bday is may 27 for those who are wondering and may 20th kind of just meets in the middle. ^^ i'll also be hosting my first ever donothon to raise funds that'll be going towards my stream & vtuber things such as assets, rigging and more!! tysm for your support!! 🥺💖 let's all have a fun time together :)

some notes 📝

we'll be doodling, playing games like Don't Starve Together, Bombparty (explosive word game), gartic phone and possibly more. we'll also be watching old clips together, karaoke-ing and eating cake! 🥳🎂 agenda is subject to change, maybe i'll end up winging things too 😅dono goals are also subject to change. if you have any ideas or suggestions i can add, please let me or a mod know! 👍

donothon incentives! 
any donousername in background! if u sent a kind message along with your dono, im screenshotting and keeping it forever as well ;w;
every $10wheel spin for doodle collage!!
$20 donoa simple doodle - your choice of either a pokemon, flower OR animal
$30 dono15 minute simple doodle request
top 4 donorscolored headshot sketch c:

🎨 donothon doodles!! 👩🎨

donothon goals! 
$4 ✓4 doodle :) (✔done!)
$44 ✓another 4 doodle :) (✔done!)
$100 ✓movie nights in discord comes back!! (4) (✔done!)
$200 ✓twirl finishes brilliant diamond on stream 😂 + chat pics twitter/discord pfp for me (w/in reason) (1 week duration) (✔done!)
$300 ✓chat tweets a tweet (w/in reason) (✔done!)
$400 ✓tetrio/tetris 99/tricky towers stream (✔done!)
$444 ✓another 4 doodle :^) (✔done!)
$500 ✓karaoke stream 🎶 (✔done!)
$600 ✓spoopy stream!! little nightmares II? (✔done!)
$700 ✓twirl plays a new game? O: (✔done!) (cult of the lamb)
$800 ✓doodle request stream! (✔done!)
$900 ✓chat designs twirl's outfit + sticker ^^ (✔done!)
$1000 ✓?? 4 digits, weooow!! let's build a miniature paper house craft thing together c: (✔done!) (changed to building lego stream!)
stretch goals ;w; 
$1500pokemon cards unboxing w/ beoli :D we'll be opening the birth booster box if this is reached!
$2000traditional art stream + giveaway for the art :D
$2500lego-build?? c:
$3000rigging goal 💸
$3500twirl and dino stream??
$4000a uh . . . song . . . cover?? 😳
MORE??we'll see *twirlSquint*

twirlirolls doodles are little stress free doodles on my side account! 💗if you have an idea or suggestion for a twirlirolls doodle, you may send to my twitter/instagram :)

♡ credits for art & stream things

💻 softwares and (streaming software) ・ vtube studio (live2d model) ・ veadotube (giftuber) ・ stream avatars ・ TITS (throwing system) ・ clip studio paint ex & (drawing software) ・ procreate (drawing app on ipad) ・ sound alerts (sound redeems) ・ streamelements ( + chat bot) ・

・ emotes, banner (offline, header), overlays, panels, TITS items, stream avatars, twirliroll model (art & rig) ✨

🎨 jp (nebokeru)
・ scufftoober model, (art & rig, the lego looking thing)

🎨 teacuppity
・ sub goal bar
🎨 chrone_co
・ chat widgets (comfy and pop themes)

🎨 bib
・ twirliroll cakeroll gif (on stream)
🎨 bb_butterbean
・ snom & popplio wiggle emotes

🦾 zanny
・ twirlhypee, twirlblankies animated emotes
🦾 davyd
・ twirlhypee, twirlpet animated emotes

🎶 loafmark
・ gift sub jingle!!
🎼 tofiemusic
・ alert sounds
・ klock on stream


2023 art